Michael Hamblin

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Michael Hamblin
North Parade
Surrey, KT9 1QF

Tel: 0208974 1197

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Surrey, Surbiton, West Ewell, Chessington, Greater London, Malden Rushett, Tolworth, Hook, Barwell, Riverhill, Southborough

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"Nothing Else To Say But Excellent"

We moved into the area a year ago, our original moggie was 16 and and her health started to go down hill. Not only did Michael and the team show respect to Annie but to us as well. When it was time for Annie to go we were shown compassion and allowed as much time with her that we required. We now have 2 rescue cats and 1 adopted stray and all 3 are happy to visit the team as they are all put at ease. I would highly reccomend this practice.


We had experienced unpleasant behaviour from another vet and our 9 year old Parsons Jack became very defensive when visiting Deciding to go to Michael's practice has proved to be the best thing we could have done for us and for Deano. Recently Deano became very poorly and spent 5 nights as an in patient and we met vet Jen. She showed understanding for us and the dog and explained Deanos illness honestly and thoughtfully. We received phone calls from Jen and the nurse who cared for him at the weekend with a progress (or otherwise) report. Deano had Xrays and an exploratory op and on the 4th day was showing unexpected (by us) signs of improvement. That was a couple of weeks ago and Deano has recovered so well. He greets staff with a waggy tail especially Jen. Vets fees are always expensive but......bearing in mind the treatment and care our dog received (and us) the cost was about half what we'd expected. Thanks aren't enough for Michael and his team. Would we recommend them - yes, without a second thought.


Having been here four times in as recent months all I have to say is not only have I been impressed with the knowledge of Michael but also the care and professionalism shown by himself as well as staff. The cost has never been more than expected, in fact always less. Excellent vets and glad to be so lucky as to have him nearby,

"Care of my dog"

Good veterinary surgery. Helpful, friendly staff - always good advice/treatment.

"Excellent vet"

I am so glad I decided to try Chessington vets after being a little disappointed with another vet. The staff are lovely and Michael is caring and obviously very experienced. It is important for me to build up a relationship with a vet rather than have different ones come and go and at Chessington vets I will be able to do this. Also I was pleasantly surprised my bill was less than I had expected after my cat was in the hospital being looked after for a week.

"Abby Carter"

Great Vet and team. Has all the time in the world for his clients

Michael Hamblin


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